How to Upload Photograph and Signature on the site?

Following are the steps to upload the Photograph/Signature/Document on the site:
Visit ePravesh® website
Login to with valid username and password
Click on Add Photo
Max Photo/Signature Size : Maximum Photo/Sign size is 1 MB. So Please upload photo/sign with Max size of 1 MB and Photo/Sign dimension should be less than W400*H400.
Replace Existing Photo/Signature: In case if you want to update existing uploaded photo/sign then you can upload new photo/signature which will replace existing photo/signature.
Click on Choose File button to search the photo/signature location present in the computer
Click on Upload button to upload the photo/signature image
– Please make sure that you have created two separate images for photograph and the signature wherever its needed
– Signature below the photo in scan copy not acceptable
– Ideally it should be a scanned copy of passport size photograph which will recognize the user face correctly

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