How to Define College Admission Form ?

1. Login as Admin
2. Define Course with Course Attributes from Create Course Section
3. Go to Course Administration > Form Design menu

4.Select Graduation Form Template As Shown Below

5.First Step is to Select Course Name

6. Type Instructions in the next Section specific to course. You may add instructions related to Registration/ Admission Process

7.There are 4 default sections available in Form Template >

A. Personal: It includes basic contact details of the applicant

B. Academic: It includes capturing of academic details of the applicant. You can enable/ disable this section.

C. Documents: It includes options to upload required documents like applicant photo and signature , academic certificates etc.You can enable/ disable this section.

D.Declaration: You may define custom declaration to be accepted by the applicant while filling Online Form. It is useful to define Terms and Conditions for the applicant.

E. Form Header Image:   You can also update application Form header image according to your requirement/ logo etc.

8. After saving this section, your custom form would be ready and you can start accepting online applications for college course.graduation-templates

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