Details of the Dashboard Information for Institute Admin

Following information is accessible on Dashboard

  1. Course Application Deadline: System will show Last Date set for the Course application.
  2. Form Sold: Total Number of online application forms sold where payment is received by the institute.
  3. Received Applications: Total Number of complete application forms received Online.
  4. Approved DD: If Demand Draft Payment is enabled then it would show number of approved DD count.
  5. Online Payment: It would show total number of successful online payment transactions.
  6. Pending DD Approval: It would show total number of pending DD approvals for the applicant of the respective course.
  7. Brochure Download: it would show total number of prospectus/ Brochure downloaded by the user for respective course.
  8. Analytics: It would show coursewise analytics which is useful to know regionwise applicants, male female ratio etc

You can click on each Individual count to get detailed report and information of the informationdashboard

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